A democratic Church?

A democratic Church?

It seems like Pope Francis is making major changes in how the Church functions. The hope is to move from Medieval structures of governance to those of a democratic and consultative nature. We can receive inspiration by rereading the first council of Jerusalem in Acts 15.

Why universe?

From a Christian perspective, the material world, including the entire cosmos, is the “context” in which one comes to know God. Ancient theologians called the “world” the “first bible.” The challenge is how does one “read” the world? Brian Swimme’s new film Journey of the Universe provides excellent insights.

Why “Christic Universe”?

I want to explore new understandings between science, especially astronomy, and Christian doctrine. In an expanding universe, what does it mean to talk about the totus Christus in connection with the “body” of the universe that is not static, but dynamic and relational? As we make new links and correlations, new understandings come to birth. The notion of “bringing out the old and the new” takes on new relevance.